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Basics Personal Professional updated 05/21/2017

this user is online now  lamanda
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Member since 12/20/2014


LocationHugoton, KS
HometownGreensburg Ks
SchoolsDelmer Day Elementry,Greensburg, High
EducationHigh School
High School(s)Greensburg High
College/UniversityPratt college
MajorNurse CNA
Year of degree1990
Special TrainingBehavioral training for demenitia
About Me I start motorcycle class this june I have decided to buy my own Harley-Davidson helmet that that way i know nuthings wrong i m looking into harleys,not to expensive, my job is going great, I love it, After visiting with a nurse, i am going to just go ahead and attempt my RN.register nurse can do everything,.. if my aunt can do it so can I it runs in our blood nursing is what we do, Well tonight I went to go dancing,,drank Dr pepper,, and enjoyed visiting with my bff, her birthday was the other day, we did more dancing than drinking soda, line dances are our favorite,,i told her we need to invest in a shed so we can dance when we want to..she agreed.. Cherish your day you have because tomorrow is never Well I did it I passed, I\'m now a med aide
Favorite musicTovo Lo Ozzy megadeath guns and roses and a few other 1980s
Favorite movies/tvGhost adventures, TAPS, 48 hours,
I've traveled toSheridan Wyoming,Colorado Springs Yellowstone National Park, Branson
Here forFriends, Networking
CompanyPioneer Manor nursing home
OccupationCNA / CMA
IndustryHospital & Health Care
SkillsTaking care of elderly, working with dementia
Past PositionsCertified nurse, active director , social service
Past CompaniesProtection valley manor, good sam

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Testimonials for lamanda

this user is offline now  Angie
January 14, 2015
She's my best friend..I love her like a sister..and would do anything for her! I love ya Mandy!

this user is offline now  Angie
January 18, 2015
I can't wait to hang out with my best friend in the world and hopefully we will both meet a nice man who will respect both of us and not treat us like pieces of meat. I look forward to having lots of fun with her and having fun together as girlfriends.

this user is offline now  Angie
January 26, 2015
I look forward to hanging out with my BFF, and having fun wth her and her family. I also lookfirwad to doing things with and for her. And helping her find a decent nd honest man who will love her for who she is and nothing more or less..I accept her as she is and was 100% always and forever as her sister, BFF, and maybe (lover)..hehehe..but I will be there for her and her family always...Love ya Sis and BFF forever.. :-)

this user is offline now  Angie
February 09, 2015
I am there for you Sis..and you're helping me thru my recent crisis and just being there and being happy for me since I have found a new friend to support me besides you. But that's what BFFs, lovers and friends are for...I will be here to support you 100% thru thick and thin. I want you to be successful in your journey with moving, finding work and finding love in all ways esp.when and if you find a man that will respect you, treat you right and not play games with your heart. I'm still going thru the motions of life, love and family and it sucks lately with the stress it's caused me..but I'm happy that you're here to support and love me thru all of it..just hope it gets easier soon..because its wearing me down and making it difficult to deal with...please God help me with all of this...

this user is offline now  Angie
February 09, 2015
Thank you Sis..I'm glad I have you behind me in everything. It's been a long road of pain and frustration... But I am taking my time and not rushing things...I just can't wait to see you and hang out with you every day or weekend when I'm off work...I love you Sis and will always be here for you BFF.. As long as you're here by my side, I will be by your matter what! Love you Sis!
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