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lamanda whitaker

Angel 69
United States

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10 27 1969


Greensburg Ks

United States

I start motorcycle class this june I have decided to buy my own Harley-Davidson helmet that that way i know nuthings wrong i m looking into harleys,not to expensive, my job is going great, I love it, After visiting with a nurse, i am going to just go ahead and attempt my RN.register nurse can do everything,.. if my aunt can do it so can I it runs in our blood nursing is what we do, AS I TAKE YOU OUT OF THE SHED,,I START TO SHINE YOU,,CLEAN YOU,,GET YOU READY TO START YOU, ONCE CLEAN, I PACK MY STUFF ON YOU, I GET TO A LOCATION WHERE I CAN JUST GO HEAD OUT..I CLIMB ON, GET IT READY,,I START YOU, I ADJUST YOU, ADJUST MYSELF THEN I GO, I DRIVE OFF,,TOWARD THE MOUNTAINS,,I DRIVE ,,I RIDE,,FAR ..ONCE THERE I GET OFF FIND WHERE I WANNA BE THEN UNLOAD MY STUFF ,SET UP,, AND ENJOY 3 DAYS IN WILDLIFE,, FROM BEARS, TO MOUNTAIN LION I HAVE TO GO BACK..DEEP IN MY HEART I WANT TO GO BACK,,BUT I GOT TO LEAVE...RIDING HOME ITS FREEDOM Got moved